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Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

• Heating- Service, repair, new installations and conversions, new construction, radiant baseboard and infloor systems, high efficient boilers and furnaces.
• Cooling- Service, repair, new installations and conversions, new construction,
high efficient ductless mini split systems, high efficient forced air systems.

The outdoor units. Two, two ton condensers, mounted on a custom floating, vibration dampening stand. 18-21 SEER (pay 35%-56% less in energy costs!)


Our Tech did a service call in Bernalillio, NM on a Baxi boiler. One of the biggest companies in town had been out several times prior to us coming out. They replaced several parts with no success. After close to $1000 of "repair" work, we were hired to takeover. Our tech had the issue resolved in less than an hour, cleaned, serviced, job completed in two hours. Call someone you can trust! 268-5122!

Indoor unit. One and a half ton, formal livingroom, heat and cool.


Are you changing out your filters regularly? If not, yours may look like this. During hot summer days, it is especially important to be replacing your filter at least every 3 months. If you have pets, you may need to be replacing your filter as regularly as once a month. Replace your filter often and save on costly utility bills and possible future repairs. If your unsure on location or whether you even have a filter to change, call a professional for advice. 505-268-5122.

COPPER THEFT IS ON THE RISE! Recently we had to install a new packaged A/C unit and fabricate a security cage in place of a perfectly operational unit that had been ripped apart for copper. It's important to protect your assets, whether it be at your home or business. CALL UNLIMITED PLUMBING 505-268-5122 if you have been a victim of theft.

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