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We have been servicing the Albuquerque, NM area since 2009. We specialize in service, repair, new installations, new construction and remodels, water treatment and purification, and high efficient tankless water heaters.

At Unlimited Plumbing we know that looks aren't everything, but they sure make a difference. You can count on us to leave your plumbing looking professional and sleek.



Navien tankless water heater

Our Work

Navien tankless water heater/Boiler installation. 95% AFUE (Efficient).

Navien High Efficiency Combination Boiler

Navien high efficient combination boiler installation. 

Plumbing doesn't have to be boxed in. We at Unlimited Plumbing LLC are able to do lots of projects that you may have not thought were plumbing related. 


The magnets you paid hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars for don't work well. Magnets do not remove any of the damaging minerals from your water. Install a water softener that actually removes "hardness" from your water and save hundreds of dollars on soaps and detergents. Also prevent hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars in damage to your water heater, fixtures, clothes, and dishes.

DIY or leave it to the professionals?

We love DIY projects as much as the next person, but if you want your plumbing to be done right without the hastle, call your friends at Unlimited Plumbing!

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